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      Get your Woodpile Winter Ready

      Get your Woodpile Winter Ready

      There are few things more pleasing than a well-stacked wood pile

      Or is that just us?

      However, besides looking beautiful, there are a few more practical things to consider with your winter wood storage.

      Wood needs to be well-seasoned and dry to burn properly, pretty cruical as the temperatures drop. Wet weather, condensation and frost all contribute to your logs moulding or rotting over winter. You can avoid this by ensuring your storage provides good airflow while keeping off the worst weather.

      With so many log storage solutions available for every garden and budget, how do you choose the best option?  

      Here's a little inspiration:
      If you need more space, choose a product that doubles up as something else. A garden bench with room underneath and a solid seat to keep the weather off the logs is a hardworking product for your garden.

      Plenty of storage space and somewhere to rest once you've split the logs! 🪓


       Well-thought-out log storage can adds aesthetic value to your garden too. We love these circular corten steel stores. Hung on a garden wall, they free up ground space and look like a piece of art.

      Another favourite is the incredibly stylish vertical storage block by FORNO. You can use several in a row if you have an impressive number of fireplaces, and they look stunning.

      vertical corten steel wood store stacked with wood


      For storage that's entirely bespoke for your garden, look at our Bunke wood storage.  It's a modular system that enables you to stack the individual boxes in any configuration you like.  And you can easily add to it. 


      If you plan to use your outdoor stove or fire pit over winter, having storage close to hand makes it much easier to keep the fire burning and stops you from freezing while running for more.

      Done well, it also creates a real visual impact.

      So, is your storage sorted?

      Pre Weathering Service

      Pre Weathering Service

      Unlocking the full potential of Corten steel requires understanding and harnessing its weathering process. That's where our Pre-Weathering Service comes into play. 

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